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Introducing "Talk to Alexa"

One week ago Samsung approved my most recent app for the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Talk to Alexa.

When I was given the LTE version of the Gear S3 for Christmas over a year and a half ago I noticed two things right away. First the hardware was really powerful. The LTE was almost overkill but I thought about the convenience of being able to use the watch without a phone. Then I noticed the app store which did not seem to take full advantage of what I thought the watch is capable of.

This reminded me of Windows Phone, a clean, lightweight OS that I thought should've been very easy to develop for yet not many developers took the time to. That's how I decided to would write my own apps so that I can really enjoy my new smart watch.

The dream was to be able to leave as much as possible behind when I went running in the park across the street. My first two apps "Wink Locks" and "Wink Lights & Switches" allowed me to leave my keys behind. Samsung Pay allows me to leave my wallet behind. And now between the Spotify app and the new Alexa app I can choose between music and NPR on my runs.

If you're interested in "Talk to Alexa" please check it out.

I hope you get as much use out of my apps as I have.

Thanks for the support,


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