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Use "Talk to Alexa" to talk to Alexa from your favorite Samsung Galaxy Watch released in or after 2016. No companion app needed.

Due to restrictions Samsung Watches connected iPhones are not supported.

With Alexa you can:

  • Control your smart lights, switches, and other home devices.

  • Ask for the weather.

  • Use Alexa skills to order an Uber, check movie times from Fandango, or start your Roomba.

  • Control your FireTV

  • Set timers and reminders.

This app also supports:

  • Controlling watch volume. Try saying "raise the volume" or "maximum volume".

  • Follow-up mode. To turn on go to the official Alexa app on your phone.

Technically there is support for music in the app but it is not certified for any music services.

This app also does not:​

  • Send/Receive messages through Alexa

  • Make calls through Alexa

Performance varies with internet connectivity.

This app was not developed by Amazon. Thanks for checking it out.

Different App States

Alexa No AVS.png

Not Connected to AVS

There is network connectivity but there is no connectivity to the Alexa Voice Service. The app is likely attempting to connect.

Talk to Alexa with AVS.png

Connected to AVS

The app is connected to the Alexa Voice Service and is ready to accept commands.

Talk To Alexa No Network.png

No Network Connectivity

There is no network connectivity. Please check to make sure the watch is connected to Wifi, a phone, or cellular.

Talk To Alexa with Shadow.png


The app is listening. Speak to Alexa.

Alexa with Alerts.png

Timers or reminders are set.

At least one timer or reminder has been set.

Pro Tip:

If you set Talk to Alexa to launch when you double tap the home button, the app will automatically start listening once it is connected to the Alexa Voice Service.


If the app appears to hang you can:

  1. Press the "Home" button to access your app menu.

  2. Tap "Recent apps"

  3. Look for the "Talk to Alexa" app.

  4. Tap the "X" to close the app.

To Download

Click here on an Android phone.

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