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Control your wink connected smart locks from a Samsung Galaxy Watch released in or after 2016.

Due to restrictions Samsung Watches connected iPhones are not supported.


To unlock:

  • Tap the button with the unlocked lock on the left of the screen.

To lock:

  • Tap the button with the locked lock on the right of the screen.

To switch lock:

  • Rotate bezel clock-wise to move to the next lock.

  • Rotate bezel counter clock-wise to move to the previous lock.

  • Flick the screen from right to left to move to the next lock.

  • Flick the screen from left to right to move to the previous lock.

To check the status of a lock:

  • Tap the icon in the center of the screen. This will refresh the status.

To update list of lock:

  • Tap the "more options" ellipsis on the bottom.

  • Tap the icon with the rotating arrows.

To add a widget:

  1. On your home screen scroll past the furthermost widget on the home screen of your watch and click add widget.

  2. Select the Wink Locks widget.

  3. Select the lock you would like the widget to control by rotating the bezel or flicking the screen.​

  4. Tap "Ok"

To change the lock an existing widget controls:

  • Tap the title of the widget.


Turn on Gear Lock! This will help secure the stuff on your watch. If you are using Samsung Pay this will already be turned on for at least Samsung Pay. I suggest changing it to work for screen and payments.

  1. Go to your Settings

  2. Security

  3. Gear Lock

  4. Use for

  5. Select "Screen and Payments".

For me at least this made Samsung Pay more convenient because it meant putting in my PIN when I put my watch on instead of while waiting in line at the grocery store.

Known Issues

  • There is a limit of a total of 20 locks.

  • The Wink account information expires if the app has not been launched in a little over a month.​ This gives an "Access Denied" error when trying to lock/unlock a lock. Launching the app may update access to your Wink account. 


If you receive an "Access Denied" error when controlling a lock, from a widget and have not launched the app in a while, launch the app and give it a couple of seconds. Click the icon in the center or one of the unlock/lock buttons to see if it works.

If you continue to get "Access Denied" errors log out of the app and then log back in.


  • 1.0.0 - Initial release

  • 1.0.1 - Fixed verbiage and added widgets

  • 1.0.2 - Improved the login screen

  • 1.0.3 - Fixed a glitch in widgets causing it to blank after locking/unlocking

To Download

Click here on an Android phone.

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