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Happy New Year!

Hey everyone,

I want to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope all is well. I have not had as much time to work on my software projects as I would have hoped. But I am working, just not fast enough!

I am currently testing a new version of Talk to Alexa. For this version I focused on fixing things that were outright broken.

Some changes in this next release:

  • Language will sync to the language of your watch for my international customers.

  • Time zone will sync to the time zone of your watch for those that travel.

  • Flash briefings will be fixed.

  • Daily reminders will be a little more reliable.

  • The app will be a little lighter on battery while playing media in the background.

Absolutely the most requested feature is a widget. I'm sorry that it is not part of this release. I have heard you and it is definitely on my list.

One thing I am starting to test is allowing the app to stay connected while in the background. I avoided this in the first version, and this next version, because I was very worried about battery usage. After some tweaks and testing on my Gear S3, it's not bad. What you get though is near instant access to Alexa. That means no more waiting for the white logo to turn blue! If I release this feature it will definitely be opt-in.

For my Wink customers, I know it has been almost a year since I have updated those apps, but I definitely plan on taking all that I have learned creating Talk to Alexa to make more stable Wink apps.

I appreciate all the feedback, I appreciate everyone who has come to me with their issues and again Happy New Year!


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